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Assorted Chocolates

  • Assorted Chocolates
    Assorted Chocolates
    For praline lovers, teuscher produces around 70 varieties. Our delightful treats range from fine gianduja cream centers, crunchy praline fillings, exquisite marzipan combinations, tender nougats, and fruit pieces. The 14 oz...
  • Fructose Sweetened Chocolates
    Fructose Sweetened Chocolates
    Teuscher fructose sweetened chocolates and chocolate bars contain the same quality and texture as our regular bars, using the natural fruit sweetener, fructose, instead of sugar. Our fructose sweetened bars come in two...
  • Zurich Box with Assorted Truffes & Chocolate
    Zurich Box with Assorted Truffes & Chocolate
    Our Lake of Zurich Boat box combines the assortment of our truffes and pralines selections.